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Inspirational Travel Videos

Our Top 5 Inspirational Travel Videos

Travel videos are a wonderful distraction to everyday life, even to the most experienced travellers, they can encourage you to take that extra step, and plan your next adventure. Better yet, make you book your next trip…it’s all too easy to fall into a routine and not pursue what really makes you happy. That’s why we’ve collated our top five inspirational travel videos (in no particular order), some more well-known than others but we hope you find inspiration and encouragement to pack your bag and go on your next adventure.

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1. GoPro Karma – Launch Video

are renowned for their innovative products, inspirational short films and motivating culture. Their launch videos are no different and often produce some of the best content, in order to showcase their new products. September 19th saw the GoPro Keynote launch the new GoPro Hero 5 Black and the Karma drone package. The launch video highlights seamless videography, with stabilized gimbal shots of extreme sports, to ‘wanderlust esque’ travel moments.

To be released 23rd October in the US and Europe, we certainly want to get our hands on one.

Equipment Used:

Cameras – GoPro Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Session

Equipment – GoPro Gimbal, Karma Drone

2. Ben Brown – Canada Visual Vibes

Ben Brown
is a filmmaker and daily video blogger from the UK. His series of short films, named Visual Vibes showcase a great collection of location specific travel videos. Our favourite of the collection is from his time travelling through Canada and the rocky mountains. A location close to our own heart, the video perfectly showcases the country’s natural beauty and limitless adventuring possibilities. A great soundtrack, followed by some great editing and videography will have you coming back for more than one viewing.

Equipment Used:

Cameras – Sony FS700, Canon PowerShot S120, Canon 5D mk3, GoPro Hero 3+ Black

3. GoPro – Masters of Indo

land themselves on our list twice, this time with their inspirational short film named, Masters of Indo. The film follows Marlon Gerber who has spent his life surfing the waters of Bali and is now teaching Varun Tanjung to do the same. Marlon guides and hosts the pro’s when the surf tour comes to Bali, the film dives into his lifestyle choices as a surfer and following his dreams from childhood.

(Check out the clip at 5:30, what GoPro’s were made to shoot!)

Equipment Used:

Camera – Shot 100% on the GoPro Hero 3+

4. Benjamin Williams – Finding Freedom

Filmed in Fiji, Benjamin Williams captures the essence of travelling in his 100% GoPro shot video. Published over two years ago, the short has drone amazing drone shot, perfect scenery, a great voice over and surfing. This video seriously made us want to go and visit Fiji and buy a new GoPro. One of our favourite moments is the quote towards the end of the video:

“You will always be able to make more money, but you cannot make more time. We are all dying, but only a select few are truly living”.

Equipment Used:

Camera – Shot 100% on the GoPro Hero 3+

5. Tim Kellner – Greenland

Tim Kellner
makes some of the shortest, most inspiring travel videos we’ve seen on YouTube. If you’re looking for a quick fix, or want to see some of most artistic shots of countries and cities like Hong Kong, Japan, New York and Jamaica then check out his channel. Tim’s vision of Greenland is a favourite of ours from his channel, a little more ‘dark’ than our other choices, the video captures the vastness and tranquility of Greenland.

Equipment Used:

Cameras – Sony RX100 IV, Sony A7S II

Bonus Video – Vietnam – Find the Unexpected

BONUS VIDEO, if you’ve read down this far then we have one more video that really stuck out for us. Vietnam – Find the Unexpected is a story crafted by a filmmaker named Tobi Schnorpfeil. We loved the story he told, over 30 days travelling North to South of Vietnam, great editing and voice over.

Ho Chi Minh City > Mui Ne > Dalat > Nha Trang > Hoi An > Phong Na Ke Bang > Ninh Binh > Hanoi > Cat Ba Island > Phu Quoc Island

Equipment Used

Camera – Sony ILCE7SB

Lens – Sony SEL35F28Z Zeiss Prime Lens



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