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JD Vernon

JD Vernon, Home Is – A Hidden Gem (Bon Iver)

By now the whole world knows of the talent that is ‘Bon Iver’, with highly acclaimed album releases, to collaborations with A listers like Kanye West…Justin Vernon’s unique sound is welcoming and familiar on every track that drops.

But of course before Justin Vernon became the Bon Iver we all know and love, not to mention Volcano Choir and cameos in a few other bands, he released music under his performing and real name, JD Vernon, or Justin Vernon.

These early releases are what this post is really about, and where we feel the real hidden gems are, particularly the early 2001 release of the album Home Is. Rugged as the man, the album is a mix of guitar, harmonica and violin sounds giving the listener a folk ‘esk’ experience. Almost all tracks are instantly capturing, with our favourites being Breath and When It Rains Down Here.

The album is actually a fairly hard one to track down, even a digital copy, let alone a hard copy. Not on iTunes, Spotify or Amazon music, we’ve featured our favourite tracks below in the their YouTube formats, with of course all right going to the man himself.

Take a listen to the album and let us know your thoughts, see how the music has progressed and take in the soothing melodies.

  1. When It Rains Down Here

2. Breathe

3. Feels Like Home



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